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TrackWrench® is a brand name for manual torque wrenches. With our head office in the Netherlands, we offer fast and professional service to suite our quality brand.
We are continuously looking to expand our network of professional distributors in order to provide a high standard service worldwide.

From many years of experience with dealers, we understand that good margins, combined with support from our head office in the Netherlands, are of great importance for good business operations.

What we offer:
By becoming a TrackWrench® distributor you gain access to our knowledge and you can sell our premium brand products with discount.

Requirements to become a distributor:

  • Run a professional business in industrial tools
  • Experience with torque wrenches
  • Initial minimum demonstration inventory investment of € 2.500,-
  • Attend an official Trackwrench® training (free of charge) at our facility in the Netherlands

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